Australian Museum Expeditions

Australian Museum Expeditions

Discover more about the Australia Museum research expeditions from around the globe.

Lord Howe Island Expedition

An expedition to document native and introduced animal populations that live on the island.

South West Pacific Expedition

An expedition of discovery to document marine fauna in some of the most isolated Pacific islands.

Solomon Islands Expedition

An expedition to find the elusive monkey-faced bats and giant rats of the Solomon Islands Archipelago.

Scotia Arc Expeditions

An expedition that looked at how animals might move between South America and Antarctica.

Timor-Leste Expedition

An expedition to study land and marine fauna, one of the largest surveys in Museum history.

Southern French Polynesia Expedition

An expedition to survey the shallow water biota of the Austral and Gambier Island Groups.

Kermadec Islands Expedition

An expedition to the remote, volcanic Kermadec Islands to investigate this marine reserve.