Bumper day

By: Michael Harvey , Category: At The Museum, Date: 29 Dec 2009

The day after Boxing day was a huge one for the Museum...

A visitor exploring the Dangerous Australians interactive

A visitor exploring the Dangerous Australians interactive
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

No wonder it felt crowded here yesterday - the Museum had one of its busiest days we can remember. People are clearly looking for things to do in the post-Christmas break - and I suspect the rain yesterday meant they were looking especially for indoor things. So we had four and a half thousand people through the museum (before we stopped chaging for tickets at 4.30). Apart from our biennial Open Days, this is the busiest day for at least the last three years.

If you were in yesterday, do comment here on how that felt from a visitor perspective! Wandering aroud with my three-year-old daughter, it felt OK - not unpleasantly crowded. But then, I know my way around, so I'm aware it's easier for me. And we did skip the Dinosaurs gallery (she'll forgive me sometime next week I suspect)...

Nice to see plenty of people enjoying Wildlife Photographer of the Year too. Experiencing it as a visitor, it was good to see it in the new configuration - with the new Photo Studio in place, and the photos and stories in the main collection all well-lit and spaced out so they're easier to see.





Michael Harvey - 5.01 PM, 27 January 2010

...and, on the subject of different ways of promoting museums, I've just discovered that the first of February is 'follow a museum day' on Twitter...

bigmama - 12.01 PM, 20 January 2010
I must admit I have not been to the museum since I was a kid. I have one daughter who is 15 and she has never been to the musuem, i have another daughter who is 8 and up till now i had forgotten all about the museum but since the movie - night at museum 1 & 2 came out my youngest wanted to know if there was a place like that. This is why we looked it up on the internet. There is not enough advertising done about the places to visit like the musuem. Even schools dont organise days anymore to the museum. If they did my kids would have already been. Hope this helps with promting the museum more.
Lynda Kelly - 11.12 AM, 31 December 2009

This is good news Michael. Can't wait until we start our exit surveys next week so we can find out a bit more why people are visiting us in January. Winny, starring in the Dinosaur Experience, starts tomorrow so that will be even more exciting for our visitors!

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