Evil on Facebook

By: Michael Harvey , Category: At The Museum, Date: 13 Jul 2009

Using Facebook to test exhibition ideas - and to find new ones.

One of our ideas for a possble future exhibition is an exploration of the concept of 'Evil' across many human cultues in differet places and at different times. Bliss, who is leading the development of this project, has set up a Facebook group as a way of exploring this idea further - and to get input from the public. This one's at a very early stage - the finished exhibition could be years away - so we will be very interested to see if this idea works...

If you'd like to have a look, it's at



Lynda Kelly - 8.12 AM, 13 December 2009

We've had the make the comments on the All About Evil blog moderated now - not to censor but avoid spam. It was an interesting experiment to do it that way as we didn't get any comments that we had to remove.

Bliss Jensen - 1.11 PM, 02 November 2009
Well we've certainly seen a wave of activity on the Facebook group over the past two weeks. Numbers have increased to 675 (I was chuffed to see a comment this morning from member 666). The new Facebook group page layout is much more intuitive and easier to use. I've noticed there is far more interaction between a vairety of members with their links, pictures and comments. If the numbers continue to increase at this rate as we'll have to change Evil into a fan page!
Lynda Kelly - 3.08 PM, 31 August 2009
Bliss and I have a paper about this project in the Fall 09 edition of "Exhibitionist" - the Journal of the National Association for Museum Exhibition, Washington. We compared how we found using Facebook for feedback compared with the blog we had set up on Blogger ( and the results are pretty interesting. When it's published I'll add it to our publications finder.

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