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By: Tim Moulton, Category: At The Museum, Date: 15 Jun 2011

The Queen's Birthday long-weekend saw huge crowds visit the Museum. We thank everyone for coming out in such blustery and wintery weather. We especially thank one visitor for bringing his mum to his favourite place.

I love museums

I love museums
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

We've just had the most fantastic long-weekend. Even with the wind and rain, so many people made a special effort to visit. Many of our visitors were unfortunately stuck in Sydney due to the Chilean volcanic ash-cloud and were unable to fly home. We really appreciate you all spending your time with us and hope everyone got home safely.

One super-special visitor was Jack Davis. Jack has drawn some great posters for us to look after. We'll certainly take very good care of them.

Jack's posters are on the right of this page. We all think Jack's words are wonderfu!

What do museums mean to you?


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Lynda Kelly - 9.06 AM, 17 June 2011

What a lovely story Tim. Gotta love hearing from our young visitors as they're so inspiring! We did a study with children aged 2-6 years and you can dowload the published article here. We also did an amusing study with 13 year old boys asking them "If the Museum was a person...".

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