New Live Exhibits in Kidspace: Green Tree Frogs

By: Chris Hosking, Category: At The Museum, Date: 02 Jun 2011

Some of the Museum's Green Tree Frogs are hopping out of Surviving Australia and setting up a new pad in Kidspace.

Green Tree Frog in water

Green Tree Frog in water
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Whats hoppening?

Two of the Museum's Green Tree Frogs, Litoria caerulea, have moved into a new home in Kidspace; the mini museum for children under 5. Both frogs can now be visited by young families where they may be seen resting, hopping and eating. It is hoped that after the frogs has settled in that regular feed and talk sessions will be offered.

Interesting frog facts

  • Amphibians such as frogs start life as a tadpole in the water and develop into the more familiar adult form later.
  • There are 6,000 species of frog world wide, 200 recorded in Australia.
  • Frogs form an important part of the foodweb, both as predator and prey, with insect making the majority of their diet.
  • The world is currently facing an extinction crisis with numerous populations of frogs declining around the world and several species becoming extinct over the last few decades.
  • The cause of the decline has been attributed to the spread of "frog chytrid fungus" an infectious amphibian disease which affects the skin.

More information about Green Tree Frogs can be found here.