Skeletons Revamp

By: Michael Harvey , Category: At The Museum, Date: 07 Jul 2009

You may have noticed that our skeletons gallery has been closed for renovation recently. Here are some spectacular photos from the revamp. 

Skeleton Exhibition 1954

Skeleton Exhibition 1954
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Click on the gallery link to the right to see the photos.

From Tim Ralph, Production Manager:
It's a very delicate job to refurbish this gallery - the skeletons have been in the Museum for over a hundred years. We had to suspend the skeletons in order to remove the legs and get underneath them to upgrade the lighting and plinths. This lighting fitout is more sustainable in terms of energy use, and the new paint scheme is inspired by the original architecture. 



Michael Harvey - 4.07 PM, 29 July 2009
Photo directions all fixed Lynda!
Lynda Kelly - 3.07 PM, 29 July 2009
Hi guys - the fotos are actually on the right :-) I have done a blog post over on the audience research blog that reports on the evaluation we did on the Skeletons exhibition in 2005:

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