Welcome to BugWise Backchat

By: Dr Sophie Lieberman, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 11 Mar 2010

Welcome to Bugwise Backchat where you can be part of the science that happens at the Australian Museum. Help us be Bugwise by telling us what you’ve found, asking us questions about the world of invertebrates and sharing your stories from investigations using Bugwise tools.

Bee pollinating flower

Bee pollinating flower
Photographer: M Batley © M Batley

We are developing Bugwise for Schools to allow school communities to engage in science using simple, rigorous tools for investigating invertebrates in the natural world. In 2009 we developed the Web2Spider toolkit for schools and introduced it to over 4000 students and teachers in NSW. Maybe you are using Web2Spider in your classroom or School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP)? Let us know what you thought and how you have adapted the tool-kit for use in your school or community by completing this brief survey.

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity and Bugwise is a great way to engage with invertebrate biodiversity as a standalone activity or as part of a comprehensive unit of work across different parts of the curriculum. How many new species can we add to the Biodiversity Counter?

This month we are working on another Bugwise for Schools module – Plant2Polinator which will be launched at the Australian Museum on 22 April. We will be trialling this new toolkit in the first half of the year with workshops for students at teachers at Science in the Suburbs and Science in the Bush and via-video conference. Please join us!

Can’t make a workshop? Then start using the Bugwise for Schools toolkits in your classroom with the help of our “video how tos” from April 2010, curriculum links and other support materials that we are developing for this site. Upload and share your photos on our flickr site (from April 2010) but most importantly share your work with the Bugwise community of teachers, students, researchers and community groups

We have lots of plans for the Bugwise project over 2010 and beyond which we will share with you on BugWise Backchat, we look forward to hearing your insect ideas, thoughts and project findings too!

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pmaybon - 5.04 PM, 02 April 2011
Hi, Can someone tell me what this insect is? My son found it dead outside our house in Wagga Wagga. Thanks Paul

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kazandsam - 10.02 AM, 18 February 2011
I found this little guy in our house. Can anyone tell me what kind of bug it is?
entranced - 7.02 PM, 14 February 2011
Some of the leaves on our Kurrajong Tree are being curled up to form irregular cylinders. Is this the work of the Bag Moth caterpillar? Image attached

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DeanBugs - 8.12 PM, 30 December 2010
I found a metallic blue lady beetle in the park. Can anyone tell me how common this colour is?

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