What is the Teacher Talk Blog?

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 26 Nov 2009

What is the Teacher Talk Blog and what might I find here?

The Museum provides a huge range of programs and services for teachers - from self-guided visits, educator-led hands-on sessions, to Connected Classroom programs and other outreach services such as Bugwise for Schools,  Museum in a Box, Science in the City/Suburbs/Bush and nationally through the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes for teachers and students.

The Teacher Talk blog is our way for us to keep you updated about these programs and services. Feel free to join our conversation, ask questions and add your own comments.


Lynda Kelly - 1.01 PM, 04 January 2010

Hi Dom. I suggest you check out our Thylacine page for more information. You could also contact Parks Victoria who could help you further.

dom - 1.01 PM, 02 January 2010
dear museum staff i,m 99 percent sure i have seen a tasmainian tiger in the wild in eastern vic . who would i need to contact to confirm ,regards dom
Lynda Kelly - 10.12 AM, 23 December 2009

Hi Lindsay and thanks for your post. I'm a bit unsure as to who to get to answer your query. Might be best if you send me an email via my staff profile with more specific information and we can see what we can do to help you.

Lindsey Holmes - 10.12 PM, 18 December 2009
Dear museum, I have contacted you a few times with information of my school art projects, I was now wondering if a school in your area would be interested in swapping images of project work? I would like to e-greet children who are learning Aboriginal about heritages. Thanks Lindsey Holmes

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