What's in the Box - Deniliquin South Public School

By: Karen Player, Category: Lifelong Learning, Date: 10 Jun 2010

After a few wrong turns and a call to the school office I finally arrived at Deniliquin South Public School.

Museum in a box - Living on the Land

Museum in a box - Living on the Land
Photographer: James King © Australian Museum

Day 7 Thursday 10 June 2010 - I finally arrived at Deniliquin South Public school to the sounds of 40 students from years K - 2 singing.  They were being kept busy until I made it to the school but thankfully both the Museum in a Boxes had arrived and I was able to show K - 2 the Reptiles box.  They already knew a lot about repltiles and it was great to help with their questions.

I then had to rush through the Living on the Land box with years 3 - 6, I got to show them the main activities and specimens and they will have the boxes in school for the next 3 weeks to work with.

It was a rushed visits but the students had some great questions and will hopefully enjoy the boxes while they are in the school.

Tomorrow is the last school for this trip so stay tuned for what happens at the first highschool I visit on this trip.