Australian Museum Members Survey Results

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Nov 2009

Results of two surveys of Austalian Museum Members - 1998 and 2001

Two surveys were conducted with Members: 566 in 2001 (80% return rate) and 562 in 1998 (70% return rate). The 2001 survey demonstrated that the profile of members did not change since the 1998 study. It should be noted that this reflects those who completed the survey, not actual membership, although care was taken to sample across member types. Also these surveys were undertaken eight years ago and may not reflect the current members (or may do so!).

The survey found that generally members:

  • held family membership (41%) followed closely by single membership (38%)
  • have been long-term (more than 6 years)
  • joined to support the Museum; gain free entry to the Museum and receive the magazine
  • most like the magazine; exhibition viewing
  • least like kids' events; family events and overseas tours
  • were satisfied with Members as excellent value for money (majority rated 8 on 1 –10 scale)

Those completing the survey were predominantly: female; aged 35-49 years, or over 50 years; university/college or higher educated; read the Sydney Morning Herald; listen to ABC radio; Australian-born; and have access to the Internet.

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