Behind DangerOz: Version 1.1

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Nov 2011

Building on what we learned about mobile apps as well as customer feedback, I am happy to announce the release of DangerOz version 1.1.

DangerOz - Version 1.1

DangerOz - Version 1.1
Creator: Jen Cork © Australian Museum

Two previous blog posts outlined our adventures in developing our very first iPhone app - Behind DangerOz: Developing the app and Behind DangerOz: what did we learn?.

Today we released version 1.1, that specifically resolved iPod touch bugs, redesign the home page, amended some content and added five new dangerous animals, crowdsourced via our Facebook page. We found that this was a fun way to engage our Facebook community in what we are doing, gave us some insights into what our fans think plus the opportunity to reinforce what the app is trying to do (especially given the discussion on the Shingleback lizard image).

So, any other things we learned? Well, yes. In future I'd hold some content back as you're gonna have to do a v1.1 anyway so may as well add new content at the same time. I'd also make sure you test on an iPod touch (!) as well as all versions of the iPhone. As we know, people like to be asked for their opinions and contributions - it was good to witness it first hand as we have been doing over the past few weeks. 

Finally, what about Android? Well, watch this space... Meanwhile, go here to download the updated app.