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By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 29 Sep 2009

What are museums doing on Twitter?

Twitter is being increasingly used by museums as a way to engage audiences and a marketing tool.

Here's a list of museums that are on Twitter via Jim Richardson's Musuem Marketing blog. Note that it is US and UK heavy as it is listed by numbers of followers. The commentary is also interesting.

There is a detailed discussion about Twitter as a business tool on Museum 3.0 - the museum sector's online networking community. We trialled Twitter as part of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, so follow us and see what the fuss is all about.


Lynda Kelly - 5.10 PM, 14 October 2009
Cool, thanks Bob - we just had a meeting yesterday about that very thing! We are planning a better coordinated approach to all our social media sites and will be implementing this over the next little while. You mite find this paper helpful:
@lifeasdaddy - 8.10 PM, 13 October 2009
Thanks. Hope you get @austmus active again - I'm hopping over there to follow you now!
Lynda Kelly - 2.10 PM, 08 October 2009
Here's some good info about backing up your Twitter Archive (via one of our Archives staff):
Lynda Kelly - 12.10 PM, 08 October 2009
Hi Bob and thnx for your comment. The Eureka Prizes have finishd for this year so we haven't been posting as often as we have. The Museum also has a twitter account @austmus which we are working on to activate again so watch that space...
@lifeasdaddy - 12.10 AM, 07 October 2009
Thanks for this useful information. You encourage us to follow you on twitter.... but the twitter persona for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes seems inactive. Or at least unused for some time. Do you have another twitter place from which you are going to tweet? You can follow me on twitter @lifeasdaddy

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