Social Media and Museum Learning

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 30 Dec 2010

Can social media be used to engage different types of learners? 

Web to Classroom Workshop

Web to Classroom Workshop
Photographer: Helen Wheeler © Australian Museum

According to this blog post, How Museums Can Use Social Media to Engage Different Types of Learners, different social media tools may appeal to different kinds of learners.

When I did my thesis on museum learning I concluded that:

"...visitors could learn more about the concept of learning as well as their own learning processes—likes, dislikes, preferred strategies—if they are encouraged to think about themselves as a learner before they engage with an exhibition. Overall, it is concluded that museum experiences can impact on adult visitors’ learning identities. When given the opportunity to articulate their personal views about learning, adult museum visitors demonstrate wide-ranging and deep understandings of themselves as learners, which are subsequently shaped by the sociocultural context of the museum in conjunction with the multiple roles they play during a visit." (Page 222-223).

I'm keen to try this out with people using social media tools - would their preferred learning style(s) change once they have interacted with a site such as Facebook or even after playing around with certain Smartphone applications? I suspect the answer is yes, and that social media is re-writing the rule book on how we all learn.

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sparrowbee - 3.02 PM, 08 February 2011
What a fascinating idea! I also suspect the answer will be yes :)

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