This week in web: 14 January 2011

By: Dr Lynda Kelly, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 14 Jan 2011

Well, this post is really about the past 18 months in web. What’s happened since we launched our site? 

As posted earlier, our site aims to engage audiences in a two-way conversation, while allowing staff to take control over their own content. So how have we fared?

From June 2009 to December 2010 I can report as follows:

Staff uptake

  • 297 registered staff users
  • Over 150 staff trained in the CMS and in web writing
  • 19 approved experts

User stats

  • 3,751 website members
  • 1,775 comments (of these 733, or 41%, were by staff)
  • 15,253,137 page views
  •   4,676,723 visits
  • In November, 8,843 visits (or around 3%) were made from mobile devices
  • Some favourite search terms include Australian museum, dreamtime stories and spiders
  • Most visited pages include the Home PageStories of the Dreaming and Animals section, as well as the perennial favourite Stages of Decomposition!
  • Some of our funniest comments were on the Drop Bears page and of course Museum folk were also happy to share their opinions and views (such as in this post about mobile apps)

Just a note about the stats: In terms of visits we have switched to reporting using Google Analytics. We do use another tracker but I think that Google (even with its limitations) is the standard these days so I have chosen to use those figures in this post.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the current Australian Museum webteam (Russ Weakley and Jen Cork), as well as former staff members Brooke Carson-Ewart, Ondine Evans, Helen Skewes, Helen Wheeler, Renae Mason and Lisa Miller for their amazing efforts. Museum staff should be commended too as they take to the CMS with enthusiasm and attend our Thursday morning web clinics eager to contribute – keep up the good work folks!



Lynda Kelly - 4.02 PM, 09 February 2011

Nice post about Google Analytics with a set of useful links, via the AEA blog: Juan Paulo Ramirez on Uising Google Analytics.

Lynda Kelly - 1.01 PM, 18 January 2011

We've also just noticed that in December visits from mobile devices increased by 1,000. Another interesting stat is that over 4,000 visits were referred by Facebook! We're having a play to see if we can actually see where from but it's proving a bit hard to find out.

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