A Week of Fish: Travel and visitors

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 15 Nov 2013

Here's the news from the last few weeks. As always, thank you to everyone who contributed.

Lyretail Hawkfish, Cyprinocirrhites polyactis

Lyretail Hawkfish, Cyprinocirrhites polyactis
Photographer: Matt Dowse © Matt Dowse

New 'travel report':

What I got up to in Japan "A new school of fish".

New videos:

Big Sharks in the Australian Museum tank area (YouTube)
Louvar, Luvarus imperialis

New images:

Blackspot Snapper, Lutjanus fulviflamma
Crested Hornshark jaws
Dusky Dottyback, Pseudochromis fuscus
Incised Gurnard Perch
Juvenile Crimsonband Wrasse
Juvenile Fanbelly Leatherjacket
Lyretail Hawkfish, Cyprinocirrhites polyactis
One-spot Puller, Chromis hypsilepis
Smallspotted Combtooth Blenny, Ecsenius stictus
Tom with an Oceanic Whitetip Shark

New visitors:

Dr. Jenny Ovenden (Gemfish genetics)
Drs Graham Doig and Kaveh (Billfish hydrodynamics)

New factsheet:

Southern Shortfin Eel, Anguilla australis

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