Eureka Prizes: 2014 wrapped up

By: Kea Lambert, Category: Science, Date: 10 Nov 2014

The 25th anniversary of the Eureka Prizes saw plenty of entries, news stories and outstanding Australian science rewarded.

2014 Eureka Prizes winners onstage

2014 Eureka Prizes winners onstage
Photographer: Daniel O'Doherty © Australian Museum

The statistics are in. Check them out:

  • 180 news stories about the winners and finalists across print, radio, TV and online with 5.3 million people reached in NSW alone through radio, print and TV
  • Approximately 1,500 individuals contributed to an entry
  • 44 finalists including teams
  • $150,000 in prize money awarded
  • 29 trophies given to 16 winners in 15 prizes
  • 630 guests attended the Award Dinner
  • 25 years of the Eureka Prizes