Grey Carpetshark senses

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 21 Feb 2012

In this movie, Ryan Kempster, shark biologist at the University of Western Australia, talks about the senses and survival strategy of the Grey Carpetshark, Chiloscyllium punctatum. Other common names for the species include the Bamboo Shark and Brown-banded Catshark.

Epaulette Shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum

Epaulette Shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

In Australia, the family Hemiscylliidae is represented by 3 species in 2 genera (Chiloscyllium and Hemiscyllium).  Some species such as the Grey Carpetshark are oviparous, laying egg cases, called mermaid's purses.


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ryankempster - 6.04 PM, 21 April 2012
Thank you so much for sharing my video, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the link above is to an old version of the video that has now been taken down. Below is the link to the new version if you would like to replace it. Cheers, Ryan.
Mark McGrouther - 11.02 AM, 27 February 2012

Thanks Amanda.  Like you, I was pretty impressed by this.

Amanda Hay - 9.02 AM, 27 February 2012

Thanks for sharing Mark. Amazing, who would have thought predator avoidance occurs at the embryonic stage, neat stuff.

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