This week in Fish: Flyingfishes in flight

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 22 Oct 2010

This week we feature some lovely images of flying fishes in flight ... or should I say glide?  There are images of a larval surgeonfish, a gudgeon in freshwater and a selection of fishes caught on hook and line.  Thank you as always to all our contributors.

Yellow-wing Flyingfish, Cypselurus poeciliopterus

Yellow-wing Flyingfish, Cypselurus poeciliopterus
Photographer: Geoff Jones © Geoff Jones

New fish images:

Black Rabbitfish, Siganus fuscescens
Bluespotted Flathead from Harrington
Flathead Gudgeon in Blowering Dam
Foxface, Siganus vulpinus
Larval surgeonfish
Northern Sand Flathead in the Minnamurra River
Northern Sand Flathead, Platycephalus arenarius
Sharphead Perch and Australian Barred Tilefish
Spotfin Flyingfish, Cheilopogon furcatus
Spotfin Flyingfish in flight
Spotted Scat, Scatophagus argus
Tail of a Northern Sand Flathead
Western Butterfish, Pentapodus vitta
Yellowfin Leatherjacket at Statis Rock
Yellow-wing Flyingfish, Cypselurus poeciliopterus

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