This Week in Fish: Freaky Blind Fish

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 02 Aug 2013

This week we feature the amazing blind Cave Gudgeon.  Only found in Australia, it lives in lightless waters in caves and sinkholes.

Cave Gudgeon, Milyeringa veritas

Cave Gudgeon, Milyeringa veritas
Photographer: Doug Hoese © Australian Museum

Freaky fish of the week:

The blind Cave Gudgeon, Milyeringa veritas, is a truly strange species. Not only does it live in a lightless world, often at high temperatures, but it does so by detecting its surroundings using special sensory papillae.  More information and a movie are on the fact sheet.

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New movies:

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New images:

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Past staff:

Denise Rennis (TO and RA, 1981-1987)

Past visitor:

Andrew Stewart (NMNZ, TePapa, 2004)


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