This week in Fish: Gotta luv a BRUV!

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 16 Nov 2012

A BRUV... you know, a baited remote underwater video.  BRUVs film fishes as they go about their business.  Check out the two rare fishes in Hamish Malcolm's movie taken at the Solitaries (top link).  As usual, my gratitude goes to the great community of 'fish folk' who make these pages possible.

Crested Threefin, Trinorfolkia cristata

Crested Threefin, Trinorfolkia cristata
Photographer: David Muirhead © David Muirhead

New movies:

Common Veilfin, Metavelifer multiradiatus and Duncker's Pipehorse, Solegnathus dunckeri
Little Dragonfish, Eurypegasus draconis

New images:

Crested Threefin at Edithburg Jetty
Crested Threefin, Trinorfolkia cristata
Flame Snapper, Etelis coruscans
Large Whipgoby, Bryaninops amplus
Ringback Pipefish at Flinders Pier
Ringback Pipefish, Stipecampus cristatus
Sculptured Seamoth at Edithburg Jetty
Tasmanian Clingfish at Edithburg Jetty
Threadfin Butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga
Vanderbilt's Puller, Chromis vanderbilti
Vanderbilt's Pullers at North West Solitary Island

'Old visitors':

Dr Anthony Gill
Fish Section Visitors - 2002

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