This week in Fish: Pacific Leaping Blenny

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 24 Jun 2011

This week we feature the incredible Pacific Leaping Blenny and show movie footage of a very lively Spikefin Goby in an aquarium.  We farewell Justine our 'metal tag worker' and ask the question "Why don't anemonefishes get stung?".

Pacific Leaping Blenny, Alticus arnoldorum

Pacific Leaping Blenny, Alticus arnoldorum
Photographer: Georgina Cooke © Georgina Cooke

New images:

Pacific Leaping Blenny out of water
Pacific Leaping Blenny, Alticus arnoldorum
Scaly Mackerel heads
Scaly Mackerel, Sardinella lemuru
Wahoo caught off Port Stephens

New blog posts:

Dusky Whaler juveniles in Sydney 2011
Huge Oarfish in the shallows
Spikefin Goby, Discordipinna griessingeri

New staff member:

Justine Djajadikarta

New FAQ:

Why don't anemonefishes get stung?

Fish Section Photographer:

Dr Jeff Williams

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