This week in Fish: Shark in trouble

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 11 Mar 2011

It was a 'week of sharks'.  The highlight was the addition of some quite disturbing images of a White Shark being 'strangled' by a plastic packing strap.  Other less upsetting images, including two of Galapagos Sharks, were also added to the site.  Thank you as always to all of you who contributed and commented throughout the week.


Photographer: Andrew Fox © Andrew Fox

New images:

Galapagos Sharks at Lord Howe Island
Galapagos Sharks near the surface
Head of a Western Blue Groper
Western Blue Groper, Achoerodus gouldii
Head of Acanthias megalops
Holotype of Acanthias megalops
White Shark in peril
Zebra Lionfish at Pumpkin Patch

Yellowfin Scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis neglecta  (first record from Sydney Harbour)

New blog post:

Do you really need that shopping bag?

New papers page:

Fish papers - 2011

New family lists:

Aploactinidae - Velvetfishes
Caracanthidae - Coral Crouchers
Hoplichthyidae - Ghost flatheads
Neosebastidae - Gurnard Perches
Pataecidae - Prowfishes
Platycephalidae - Flatheads
Sebastidae - Ocean Perches
Solenostomidae - Ghost Pipefishes
Synanceiidae - Stonefishes
Syngnathidae - Pipefishes and Seahorses
Tetrarogidae - Fortescues
Triglidae - Gurnards

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