This week in Fish: Shorthead Seahorse and Saddled Snake Eel

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 13 Jan 2012

We added some great images and movies this week.  The Eastern Red Scorpionfish page has been updated to reflect the correct species name and an image of a juvenile Southern Red Scorpionfish was added.  Thanks all!

Juvenile Southern Red Scorpionfish

Juvenile Southern Red Scorpionfish
Photographer: Andrew Green © Andrew Green

New images:

Chinamanfish, Symphorus nematophorus
Goldspotted Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus
Juvenile Southern Red Scorpionfish
Larval Gramatorcynus from Lizard Island
Mangrove Jack, Lutjanus argentimaculatus
Maori Rockcod from Port Stephens
Shorthead Seahorse, Hippocampus breviceps
Common Silverbiddy from Berringer Lake
Common Silverbiddy, Gerres subfasciatus
Splendid Perch, Callanthias australis
Whitebarred Boxfish at Kangaroo Island

New movie:

Halosaur swimming

New blog post:

Saddled Snake Eel, Leiuranus semicinctus

New image gallery:

Tunas, Mackerels and relatives

Page update:

The Eastern Red Scorpionfish page has been updated to show the change of name from Scorpaena cardinalis to S. jacksoniensis.