This week in Fish: Southern Smiler

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 04 Mar 2011

This week considerable effort has gone into the 'master list' of species on the site.  When completed, the list will allow users to easily see a summary of the images and fact sheets available for each species.  As usual, some great images were added during the week, plus a fact sheet on shrimpgobies and their relationship with burrowing shrimps.  Thank you to all our contributors.

Mouth of a Southern Smiler

Mouth of a Southern Smiler
Photographer: Justin McKenzie © Justin McKenzie

New images

Goldlined Rabbitfish, Siganus lineatus
Highfin Coralfish at Fly Point
Highfin Coralfish, Coradion altivelis
Smallscale Scorpionfish at Baldwin's Bommie
Smallscale Scorpionfish, Scorpaenopsis oxycephala
Southern Smiler from above
Southern Smiler from North Solitary Island
Mouth of a Southern Smiler
Stars-and-stripes Leatherjacket, Meuschenia venusta


What is a shrimpgoby?

New family lists

The new family lists below can all be accessef from the Find a fish master list.

Belonidae - Longtoms
Berycidae - Alfonsinos
Chaetodontidae - Butterflyfishes
Exocoetidae - Flyingfishes
Hemiramphidae - Garfishes
Holocentridae - Soldierfishes
Linophrynidae - Leftvent Anglerfishes
Macrouridae - Whiptails
Melanotaeniidae - Rainbowfishes
Molidae - Sunfishes
Moridae - Beardies
Ophidiidae - Cuskeels
Oreosomatidae - Oreodories
Scorpaenidae - Scorpionfishes
Trachichthyidae - Roughies
Trachipteridae - Ribbonfishes

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