This week in Fish: Whiskered Prowfish and Common Seadragon mortality

By: Mark McGrouther, Category: Science, Date: 31 Mar 2010

It's a 'short'week' due to the Easter break. We feature some great new movies and factsheets along with an interesting telephone call from past Australian Museum staff member Phil Colman.

Whiskered Prowfish at Samson Bay

Whiskered Prowfish at Samson Bay
Photographer: Steve Dreezer © Steve Dreezer

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Common Seadragon deaths

Retired Australian Museum malacologist Phil Colman rang during the week to report the deaths of 17 Common Seadragons along northern Sydney beaches.  Phil reported the issue to The Manly Daily and has heard from a number of people who have found dead Common Seadragons.  He was directed to the New South Wales Dragon Search Project web page that shows a wealth of information including a table displaying beach washup statistics.

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