Tim Flannery is in the house on Thursday night!

By: Parrys Raines, Category: Science, Date: 22 Mar 2011

Tim Flannery is someone I truly admire. I know those who were able to get tickets for his talk this week will be very inspired. I wish I could be there!

I was too late in getting tickets to hear Tim talk so I can’t wait to hear the response from people who were quicker than me to get the tickets and what they have to say about his talk. Tim is on my list of people I want to meet but I just have to wait for another opportunity! I would love to interview him for my website!

Remember “Habits made today will help life tomorrow.”


Parrys Raines - 8.03 AM, 25 March 2011

Hi Lynda, last night was great. To meet Tim was so speical so thanks again to you and to Serena for making it possible. Tim is very inspirational and I was able to do a quick interview with him that I will post in the next few days!

Parrys Raines - 6.03 PM, 23 March 2011

Hi Lynda, I would love to interview him for the blog. I will bring my questions so if there is an opportunity I will be ready!! Thanks so much. I can't wait to hear his talk.

Lynda Kelly - 6.03 AM, 23 March 2011

Hi Parrys. I have passed this info on to our Members section who may be able to do something for you. An interview with him for this blog/your website would be great!

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