DigiVol is the Australian Museum’s largest citizen science programs started in 2011 and is adding considerable value to the digitisation of the Museum’s vast collections.

About DigiVol

‘The Museum has created the hugely successful ‘DigiVol’- Digital Volunteer - program where volunteers from all over the globe can delve into the Australian Museum collection transcribing the data, so it is discoverable online for anyone to access anywhere in the world. This project has inspired other similar projects around the world,’ said Kim McKay, Director of the Australian Museum.

The Australian Museum collections are a rich source of scientific information. The data attached to objects in museum collections are as important as the objects themselves. This data is usually in the form of a label. Information on labels include where the object was collected, date of collection, collector name, and what the object is.

The DigiVol program is facilitating the development of volunteers of all ages, building a community that is making a significant contribution to collection management and biodiversity knowledge in Australia. The Australian Museum in partnership with the Atlas of Living Australia created the DigiVol portal (formerly the Biodiversity Volunteer Portal) which is a website for our online volunteer transcribers and validators.

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