Image Gallery: Elliot Koonutta Crocodile Sorcerer (2014)

This work, made by Elliot Koonutta from rope, ghost net and metal, tells the story of the Crocodile Sorcerer;

“I made that crocodile because, you know, it’s my favourite animal to draw and like do with ghost net. Because in the dreamtime our old people used to have their own pets, pet crocodile, to take them across the river and keep the river so no stranger crocodile can come in to take over the river. Or get turtle and dugong like that for the owner” – Elliot Koonutta (Pormpuraaw Art Centre) 2014

The sorcerer summons the pet crocodile to cross the river by putting the end of his spear or woomera in his armpit, and then into the water. If a crocodile smells the scent, and moves towards the person, then the crocodile belongs to him. He can then communicate to the crocodile, and it brings him food from the river.