What's on: 2017 AMRI Student Forum

Join us for an afternoon of short seminars presented by students from a variety of universities currently utilising AM collections for their honours and PhD studies. 

2015 AMRI Student Forum

2015 AMRI Student Forum
Photographer: Robin Torrence © Australian Museum

Event Type:
Special event
15 November 2017
01.30 PM to 05.00 PM
AM Theatre followed by refreshments in the Krefft Room

The AMRI Student Forum celebrates the cutting edge research of a selection of the numerous honours and post-graduate students from all over Australia and overseas who work with our staff and our collections.

The short talks provide an invaluable opportunity for students to get useful feedback from a scientific audience.

The studies covering topics in culture, biology and earth sciences illustrate the contemporary relevance of the highly diverse collection-based research within the Australian Museum.

The afternoon of seminars will be followed by a reception in the Krefft Room at the AM.


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