What's on: Homo floresiensis display

See a cast of the discovery that's been called the scientific find of the century.

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Event Type:
Special event
09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Stairwell display case above Wild Planet
Free after admission

A joint Australian–Indonesian archaeological team unearthed the remains of a small human from a cave in Flores, Indonesia, in 2003.

They identified it as a new species, Homo floresiensis. For obvious reasons, it was nicknamed the 'Hobbit'.

Although Homo floresiensis are not our ancestors, their unusual features and recent survival suggests our family tree is far more complex than once thought.

This cast, rearticulated by Australian Museum staff, is on display thanks to the generosity of and the co-operation with Professor Paul Beggs and Dr Kira Westaway of Macquarie University.


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