What's on: T.Rex Autopsy

Get up close and personal with a life sized T-Rex — complete with internal organs! 

Life size T-rex model

Life size T-rex model
Photographer: Abram Powell © Australian Museum

Event Type:
Everyday event
09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Dinosaur Gallery, Level 2, Australian Museum
Free (after General Admission)

Please note both the north and the south wings of the Dinosaur Gallery are now closed for ceiling repairs. The centre of the gallery, which includes the giant plant-eater and display of dinosaur carnivores, will remain open. The gallery is expected to reopen in full in September.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

A life-sized T.Rex has gone under the knife!

Explore the world’s first anatomically correct model of a T-Rex - 6 months and 10,000 hours in the construction. Discover the cause of this dinosaur's death, and how the 65 million year-old-beast lived as well. 

All day event. 

Ages: 8+ (recommended)

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