What's on: Yuin cultural storytelling, dance and song

To celebrate Whales | Tohora, Dwayne Bannon-Harrison shares the rich Yuin connection to whales through dance, song and storytelling.

Dwayne Bannon-Harrison, Jervis Bay

Dwayne Bannon-Harrison, Jervis Bay
Photographer: James Horan © Australian Museum

Event Type:
Special event
4 November 2018
02.00 PM to 03.00 PM
Hallstrom Theatre, Australian Museum
Free after admission

The whale has been an important ancestral being to the Yuin people since the beginning of time, featuring vividly in songs, dances and stories.

In this unique event celebrating Indigenous resonances with Whales | Tohora, Dwayne Bannon-Harrison shares the rich Yuin connection to the giants of the sea, based on knowledge and culture passed down from his Elders.

Free after general admission but places are limited – registration essential.


Dwayne Bannon-Harrison 
is the founder and Managing Director of Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness (NNCA) and has played an instrumental role in communicating Yuin knowledge and cultural teachings for 17 years. He established the NNCA foundation to pass on skills involved in delivering cultural knowledge and self-determination within his own family and to mentor Aboriginal people’s involvement and potential for creating economic opportunities in their communities.

Dwayne is also the CEO & Director of NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operators Council-NATOC, with extensive, award-winning achievements in the Aboriginal male wellbeing space through the ‘Bring Back The Warrior’ approach.




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