Image: Dr Michael Miller

Dr Michael Miller

Dr Michael Miller examining eel leptocephali on board the Japanese research vessel Hakuho Maru in May 2009.

Michael Miller
© Michael Miller


Mike works at the Ocean Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

During his visit four week visit to the Australian Museum in February / March, he examined thousands of eel leptocephali, with the assistance of Museum volunteers, which are part of two huge collections of midwater fishes caught by CSIRO in the North West Coral Sea in 1995 and 1997. Read more about this research project.

A recent research paper (see below) by Mike and his colleagues has confirmed that eel leptocephali feed on marine snow. Read more about this research.


Miller, M.J., Chikaraishi, Y., Ogawa, N.O., Yamada, Y., Tsukamoto, K., Ohkouchi, N. 2012. A low trophic position of Japanese eel larvae indicates feeding on marine snow. Biology Letters. 20120826. View an overview of the paper.

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