Image: Wedding day photos - c.1895

Wedding day photos - c.1895

My cultural object is a photo of my great, great grandparents Anton and Angela on their wedding day. It is the only remaining photo of them. Both of my great, great grandparents were killed on 28/8/1917 when a bomb fell on their house while the whole family including 8 children were in the cellar preparing to evacuate.
All the children including my great grandmother who was 4 years at the time and her sister, my great aunt who was 2 years old, survived and were sent to live with other relatives.
Everyone was sent to separate places except my great grandmother and my great aunt.
The house where Anton and Angela lived was later rebuilt and still remains in the family. I’m not sure how old the photo is but I know that Anton was born in 1869 and Angela in 1875, so maybe it was taken in roughly 1895-1900.

Sophie (Year 6) 

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