Museum in a Box - Bats

Museum in a Box® is available for set three week loan periods and can be sent to any educational institution across Australia.

Museum in a Box - Bats

Museum in a Box - Bats
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Bats make up about one fifth of all mammal species and are the only flying mammals. They play a very important role in our ecosystems. Insect-eating bats are the only major predators of night-flying insects. Bats that feed on fruit and nectar play an important role in forest regrowth by dispersing seeds and helping to pollinate rainforest plants.

The Bats box was refurbished in 2011 and includes new information panels, books and teaching resources.


  • Grey-headed flying fox diorama
  • Cave-dwelling bat diorama
  • Tree-hollow-dwelling bat diorama
  • Bat skeleton embedment
  • Facinating faces - cast

Teaching resources:

  • Information panels
  • Australian Bats book
  • Background Information and activities 
  • Teachers guide
  • Bat species fact files
  • Bat puppets


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