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Podcast – Lunchtime Lecture Series: Ita Buttrose

Listen to legendary Australian editor and feminist icon Ita Buttrose in conversation with AM Director Kim McKay. 

By: Alice Gage, Category: At The Museum, Date: 17 Sep 2018

Beautiful beetles and a bit of a headache

Defining, grouping and naming stag beetle species has turned out to be difficult but fun.

By: Dr Chris Reid, Kindi Smith, Max Beatson, Category: AMRI, Date: 12 Sep 2018

Citizen scientists and rare beetles: a win win for everybody

There’s a proverb about repairing lightbulbs that works well for rare beetles too: "many hands make light work".

By: Dr Chris Reid, Category: AMRI, Date: 10 Sep 2018

Live at the AM podcast: Humannature series – Alice Te Punga Somerville

Alice Te Punga Somerville, University of Waikato, gives her talk, 'Taupata, taro, roots, earth: the (Indigenous) politics of gardening'.

By: Alice Gage, Category: Museullaneous, Date: 10 Sep 2018

The hidden abundance of frogs

The sheer number of frogs that live in healthy ecosystems- from wetlands to deserts- may surprise you!

By: Dr Jodi Rowley, Category: Science, Date: 06 Sep 2018

Ongoing speciation in southern semislugs

Helicarion semislugs are abundant from Tasmania to mid-NSW, but how many species are there?

By: Dr Isabel Hyman, Dr Frank Köhler, Category: AMRI, Date: 04 Sep 2018

Interview: Nature photographer Justin Gilligan

Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2018 finalist Justin Gilligan reveals his process and the stories behind the images.

By: Alice Gage, Category: At The Museum, Date: 03 Sep 2018

A massive month of celebrating science at the AM

August was a huge month for AMRI as science took centre stage at the museum.

By: Alexandra Durham, Category: AMRI, Date: 03 Sep 2018

Preserving the art of science

Meet the recipients of the inaugural Australian Museum Scientific Illustration Scholarship

By: Alice Gage, Category: explore, Date: 29 Aug 2018

Live at the AM podcast: 2018 Eureka Prizes launch

In this live recording of the launch of the 2018 Eureka Prizes, our panel explores the theme ‘Science for Humanity’.

By: Alice Gage, Category: Science, Date: 22 Aug 2018