Our Donors


The Australian Museum Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous support of our donors in helping us realise our vision as a place of exploration and discovery.
These generous individuals and organisations contribute to our scientific research, education and public programs and assist in the acquisition of items to enrich our collections.

AMF Trustees
Diccon Loxton
John Pearson
Natalia Bradshaw
Warwick Evans
Shauna Jarrett
Virginia Judge
Alasdair Macleod
David Rickards
Fiona Sinclair
Jeremy Spinak
Albert Wong AM

Lifetime Patron
Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE

The late Senta Taft-Hendry
Ann Macintosh Trust
Brian Sherman AM & Dr Gene Sherman AM
Chris & Gina Grubb
Alasdair & Prue Macleod
Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd
Helen Molesworth

Mary Holt & the late Dr John Holt
Graeme Wood Foundation

Treasures Circle
Robert Albert AO
David & Megan Armstrong
Ben Barham & Gretel Packer
The Calvert-Jones Foundation
The Carrawa Foundation
Jennifer Crivelli
The John Spencer Dickinson Family
Warwick Evans
Lily & Tina Gao & the New Business China Association
Claude & Maryanne Gauchat
Belinda Gibson & Jim Murphy
Peter and Judy Gregg
Chris & Gina Grubb
The Hartzer/Trevor-Jones Family
The John & Frances Ingham Foundation
Warwick & Anne Johnson
Virginia Judge & daughters Cecily, Theresa, Rebecca & Dr Patrick Tooth
Keith & Maureen Kerridge
Jim Lennon in honour of Jean Lennon
Lindblad Expeditions
Catherine Livingstone AO & Michael Satterthwaite
Diccon & Elizabeth Loxton
Alasdair & Prue Macleod
The Macquarie Group Foundation
Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd
The Moore Family
Jacqui & John Mullen
William Murray & Gretel Packer
The Nelson Family
Francesca Packer Barham & Gretel Packer
The Paradice Family Foundation
The Patterson Pearce Foundation
The Purcell Family Endowment
Fund in honour of Mrs Lorna McClelland
Robert Purves AM
Bronwyn Purves
Billie Rose and Warwick Evans
Professor Jan Scott, Professor Ian Hickie
& Paul Connor
Albert Y Wong AM & Sophie Wong
Fengjun Zhu

President’s Circle
Claude & Maryanne Gauchat
Chris & Gina Grubb
Bill & Alison Hayward
Judy Lee
Diccon & Elizabeth Loxton
Robert Rich
Dick & Pip Smith Foundation

Director’s Club
Pauline & Alan Campbell
Margot & Stephanie Chinneck
Jenny Crivelli
Kim McKay AO
Tracey Steggall
Shona & David Thodey
Wendy Walker

Martin & Ursula Armstrong
Ken & Roddy Bell
Bill & Annette Blinco
The Graham & Charlene Bradley Endowment
Justice Jane Mathews AO
Justice Robert McDougall
Alice Oppen OAM
John Pearson
John & Christina Stitt
Vonwiller Foundation

Antoinette Albert
James & Belinda Allen
Michelle Atkinson
Christine Bishop
Natalia Bradshaw
Rosemary Campbell
Philip Cornwell
Trevor Danos AM
Hugh Dixson
Belinda Gibson
Karina Kelly
John Leece AM
Howard Lewis
Ann Macintosh Trust
Nick & Caroline Minogue
Lily W Mu¨ng Endowment
Anne Pickles
David Robb
Jane & Neville Rowden
Alison Scott
Cassandra Seaton
David & Daniela Shannon
Fiona Sinclair
Diana Southwell-Keely
Jeremy Spinak
Ross Steele AM
Tehmi Sukhla
Anne Sullivan
Vera Vargassoff
Wavish Family Foundation
Stephen Wilson

Rae & David Allen
Lauren Atmore
Dinah Beeston
Marco Belgiorno-Zegna AM
Kerin Brown
Elizabeth Cameron
Chikako Carter
Michael & Chrissie Crowley
Margaret & Peter Donovan
Ronald & Suellen Enestrom
Jeffery & Christine Goss
Greg & Beth Hammond
Ronnie Harding
Derek Heath
Peter Homel
Adrianne Johnson
Warwick Klabe
Gilles Kryger
Eugenia Langley
A J Loewenthal
Ros Madden
Ross McNair & Robin Richardson
Tony & Fran Meagher
David Norman
Bruce Norton
Judy Ranka
Frank & Judith Robertson
Alan & Yvonne Sebesfi
Dr Fiona Sim
Jacinta Spurrett
Christopher Still
Tom Story
Francis Walsh
Michael & Mary Whelan Trust
Tony White AM & Doffy White
Caitlin Woods
Michel Zwecker

Estate of the late Clarence Chadwick
Estate of the late Patricia M Porritt
Estate of the late Jean Marjorie Edgecombe
Estate of the late Jacqueline Heather Field
Estate of the late Phillip Jack
John & Maryilyn Evans on behalf of the late Christine Neild
Estate of the late Merrill Pye
Estate of the late Eileen Silk
Estate of the late William S Tatlow
Estate of the late Gwendoline A West
Estate of the late Jessie Campbell Wise

Gifts to AM Collections
Steven & Janine Avery
Ursula Burgoyne
Sam & Louise Dawson
Rod & Robyn Dent in honour of Pat Dent & the Wanindilyaugwa tribe
Charles M Ellias
The late Paul L Fischer
John L Gordon
Robin Guthrie
Mark Hanlon
J Holliday
The late John Hume
Raymond Kirby AO & Mrs Deirdre Kirby
Roger Langmead
David Leece
Leighton Llewellyn
James McColl
Mineralogical Society of NSW Inc
Dr Max Moulds
George & Edna Oakes
Dorothy O’Reilly
John Rankin
Dr William Rieger
John Rohde
Paul Scully-Power AM
Michael Shea
Trevor Shearston
The late Muriel Snell
George Stacey
Prof Gunther Theischinger
The late Margaret Tuckson
David Twine
Janet Walker

For more information

Please contact the Development team on (02) 9320 6216 or development@austmus.gov.au.

How to donate

  • Phone us on (02) 9320 6216
  • Email or post us your donation form
  • Make a donation

Donations should be made payable to the Australian Museum Foundation (ABN 64 497 967 210). The Foundation is a charitable trust, the purpose of which is to ensure a secure financial base for the Australian Museum and the Museum is its sole legal beneficiary. The Foundation is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and an Item 2 public ancillary fund under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donations may also be made to the Australian Museum Trust (ABN 85 407 224 698) which is also a deductible gift recipient under Items 1 and 4 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

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