Research project: Are some fan-worms (Sabellidae: Polychaeta) cryptic or introduced species?


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Pseudopotamilla sp.

Pseudopotamilla sp.
Photographer: Roger Springthorpe © Roger Springthorpe

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Three species of sabellids (Sabellidae: Polychaeta) recorded as widely distributed will be the subjects of this study. Phylogenetic analyses will be performed incorporating three molecular markers (COI, 16s and ITS) for specimens from various Australian localities, international ports, and other parts of the world. Results will reveal if the so called cosmopolitan or widelly distributed species are in fact a complex of cryptic species or possibly introduced species. The reproductive features and biology of these taxa are crucial to understanding the possible impact of introduced species.

Dr Pat Hutchings , Senior Principal Research Scientist
Dr Rebecca Johnson , Director, Australian Museum Research Institute, Science and Learning
Dr Maria Capa , Postdoctoral Researcher
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