Research project: Evolutionary and conservation genetics of marsupials


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Museum investigators

External investigators

  • Dr Kyall Zenger, James Cook University
  • Dr Cathy Herbert, University of Sydney
  • Dr Stephanie Hazlitt, University of British Columbia
  • Greta Frankham, PhD student, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Emily Miller, University of Sydney
  • Sally Potter, PhD student, University of Adelaide

Funded by

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (ARC), Macquarie University, Australian Museum, University of New South Wales


This multifaceted project uses modern hypervariable molecular genetic markers to examine the molecular ecology of Australasian marsupials, including an assessment of levels of genetic diversity, impact of isolation and habitat fragmentation, phylogeography, taxonomy, population structure and mating systems, as well as levels of dispersal and gene flow. These data not only increase our understanding of the evolutionary history and natural population processes of these species, but also aid in conservation and management.

Current projects include research on brush-tailed, black-footed, yellow-footed, Proserpine and short-eared rock-wallabies, red-necked and red-legged pademelons, long-nosed potoroos, tammar wallabies, hare-wallabies, wallaroos, grey kangaroos, and bilbies.

Dr Mark Eldridge , Principal Research Scientist
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