Research project: New Australian mineral species


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Museum investigators

External investigators

  • David Colchester,
  • Ian Graham, University of New South Wales
  • Peter Williams, University of Western Sydney
  • Glen Diemar, University of Western Sydney


Work has almost been completed on the long and complex investigation that is required to define a new mineral species. A previously undescribed and un-named antimony-bearing mineral in the Bindheimite Group, from the Consols Mine at Broken Hill, was found in the private collection of the late Dr. L.J. Lawrence and also in the mineral collection of the Australian Museum. It has been investigated using X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectrometry, Electron Microprobe and Infra-red Spectroscopy. Both chemical and crystal structure information is needed for a full description.

The research evidence will be submitted to the International Mineralogical Association, for the naming of a new mineral species.

Ross Pogson , Collection Manager, Mineralogy
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