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  • Folk Tale: Wedding of Pan Brayut's Son, Balinese Painting E74196

    The groom had thick lips, uneven teeth, meagre hair, and blue veins in his calves, but he had a reputation for sexual fortitude.

  • A Deep Sea Proposal...

    The Australian Museum holds special memories for all of us, but for Vicki and her new fiancé Dee-J, their memories will forever be just that little bit more special...

  • Henna

    Henna is a dye made from a flowering plant, Lawsonia inermis, to dye skin, hair and fingernails. It has been used for thousands of years across many cultures as an important part of ceremonys and rituals.

  • The Museum in 2012

    A small sample of highlights from this year...

  • Deepsea Glass Sponge

    The skeleton of this deepsea dwelling glass sponge, Euplectella, is a lattice of silica forming a chamber that houses a mated pair of shrimp.

  • Linkasaurus #7

    What's the point of a museum website? Or a museum wikipedia page? Or a museum truck?

  • Our Global Neighbours: Headdress and Money

    Personal fortune and adornments of Palestinian women.

  • Balinese Expressions: Painted Lives

    Are Balinese paintings biographical?

  • Trumpet Manucode

    Birds of Paradise

  • Mourning - an introduction

    Cultures mourn and celebrate death in different ways. Explore this diversity and the ways people remember their dead. Read about the way people prefer to dispose of their bodies and to be remembered.

  • Calling on Tongan Traditions: Decline in Natural Resources

    Lady Tunakaimanu Feilakepa is renowned and greatly respected for her traditional cultural knowledge in Tonga and across the Pacific. Here she discusses Tongan mats, a decline in natural materials and the value of viewing such a collection.

  • Art of the Skull: There is no way of knowing

    A blog series with stories from the artists, designers & illustrators involved in the contemporary pop up gallery in the Aztecs exhibition.

  • Ghost Net Art: The Story of Dauma and Garom

    The day had started normally enough, sitting around the artists’ table at the Erub Erwer Meta art centre on Darnley Island...

  • Ghost net art: Arrival on Darnley Island

    My colleague Scott Mitchell and I recently visited Darnley Island, also known as Erub, in the far eastern Torres Strait Islands (TSI).

  • Visitors Interest in Gold

    Highlights from a study into understanding audiences’ interests, prior knowledge, attitudes and feelings associated with gold. This research was undertaken in conjunction with Sovereign Hill Museums Association in 2001.