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  • Cocktail Wrasse, Pteragogus flagellifer (Valenciennes, 1839)

    The Cocktail Wrasse is a small tropical labrid that occurs off north-western Western Australia and along most of the Queensland coast.

  • Cocktail Wrasse, Pteragogus flagellifer


  • Skeleton Gallery cocktail party whale


  • The Foyer - Cocktail Party#2


  • Venues at the Australian Museum

    We have many unique spaces ideal for events and functions such as dinners, cocktail parties, receptions, conferences and product launches.

  • Cocktail snacks


  • Skeleton Gallery cocktail party


  • Crystal Hall cocktail party


  • The Foyer - Cocktail Party


  • The Terrace - Cocktail Party


  • DigiVol Cocktails Under the Whale


  • Venue: 1892

    This gothic fronted history gem provides a distinctive function venue. Recently renovated and self contained, 1892 is a memorable function space ideal for conferences, cocktail parties and product launches.

    Cocktail: 140
    Banquet: 90 

  • Venue: The Atrium

    With honey-coloured sandstone walls rising 20 metres to a glass roof, the Atrium is a dramatic venue for your next cocktail party or banquet dinner event. As the daylight fades, switch to dramatic up lighting and really get your party started.

    To enquiry about your next event please call +61 (0)2 9320 6182.

    Cocktail: 300
    Sit-down: 150

  • Venue: Minerals - Featuring the Albert Chapman Collection

    With Australia’s largest mineral collection at your fingertips, the Albert Chapman Mineral Collection is a luminous location for cocktails. Stunning precious and semi-precious stones sparkle from displays around the walls. This modern space is mood-lit to enhance the beauty of its glittering displays.

    To enquiry about your next event please call +61 (0)2 9320 6182.

    Cocktails: 50

  • Venue: Dinosaur Gallery

    Showcasing over 10 full scale skeletons, this captivating exhibition is brought to life through dramatic lighting, projected scenery and astounding specimens. This amazing space provides a truly unique setting for a cocktail reception or themed event. The impressive life-size models include feathered dinosaurs from China, as well as a diverse range of carnivore and herbivore dinosaur skulls and skeletons - from the well-known T-Rex to the bizarre Cryolophosaurus discovered in Antarctica.

    To enquiry about your next event please call +61 (0)2 9320 6182.

    Cocktails: 230
    Sit-down: 30