Image Gallery: Terrestrial Expedition of Timor-Leste

Misty mountains, amazing animals, spectacular sunrises and more... here are the photographic highlights from the terrestrial survey stage of the Museum's expedition to Timor-Leste.

Both the terrestrial and marine surveys will answer questions about biodiversity and provide crucial data for identifying new areas that may need to be conserved in one of the world's youngest nations.

For the terrestrial trip, eight Museum scientists split into two teams to collect specimens at selected survey sites using a variety of techniques.

Malacologist Dr Frank Kohler and entomologists Dr Dave Britton, Dr Chris Reid and Jacquie Rescei worked with local guide and translator Zito Afranio, while entomologists Dr Andrew Mitchell, Dr Dan Bickel, Jean Weiner and malacologist Vince Kessner were led by Agivedo Ribeiro.