Touring exhibitions

Touring exhibitions

Increase visitation, appeal to a new demographic or simply complement existing attractions at your venue with one of the Australian Museum’s unique natural history or cultural exhibitions.


Please contact Louise Teteris (Project Coordinator, Touring Exhibitions)

Transformations: Art of the Scott Sisters

Marvel at the incredible detail, colour and life in their exquisite drawings.


What eats dinosaurs for breakfast and has a two metre wide skull?

Polychaetes - Marine marvels

Marvel at these delicate beauties that live in all marine habitats of the world’s oceans.

Frank Hurley: Journeys into Papua

Experience the famous photographer's visual narrative of Papua New Guinea.


Museum photographs which may have never seen the light of day.

Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family

An innovative, multimedia experience featuring life-sized dinosaur specimens.

Museum 2 You

An environmental education program providing mini exhibitions across NSW.