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Our Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics (ACWG) is one of the only wildlife forensics facilities in Australia to be NATA (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited.

Our forensic scope covers the following laboratory protocols:

  • Genomic DNA Extraction
  • PCR for species identification (including PCR cleanup)
  • PCR for individual identification (including PCR cleanup)
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • DNA sequencing
  • DNA sequencing analysis
  • DNA genotype analysis (individualisation/paternity)
  • DNA-based gender testing
  • Morphological identification of species (terrestrial vertebrate, terrestrial invertebrate, marine vertebrate, marine invertebrate)
  • Tissue subsampling
  • Tissue banking

We have experience in obtaining DNA from a range of biological samples including, tissue, bone, desiccated skin, feathers, traditional Chinese medicine and ivory. Some of our previous clients include:

  • Australian Fisheries Management Authority
  • DAFF (Australian Customs and Quarantine)
  • Department of the Environment (Australian federal government)
  • Office of Environment and Heritage - (NSW government)
  • State Departments of Primary Industries
  • Consulting companies
  • Zoo and Aquarium Association member organisations
  • State Police agencies
  • New Zealand Biosecurity

Our commercial services offer molecular diagnostic services in ecological applications such as species identification, individualisation, conservation and small population management.

Bird Strike

Bird strike (or more accurately in Australia, ‘wildlife airstrike’) costs the aviation industry millions of dollars annually and represents an additional risk for airlines and airports to manage.

We assist the aviation industry by carrying out DNA-based species identification of the wildlife involved in these strikes.

We have been working with commercial and defence airports since 2006 and have used DNA to identify 100’s of different bird and bat species involved in collisions with aircraft across Australia.

This service is covered under our NATA accreditation and we provide detailed instructions and DNA sampling kits to all airports that use our services. Species identification is generally provided within 2-3 weeks of sample submission.

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